Hello there. I’m a hybrid poet, visual artist and creative organizer, and I promise that's more concrete than it sounds.

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and moved to the west side of the state to attend Kalamazoo College, where I graduated after studying Creative Writing and Studio Art. While in college, I've moved away to work with leaders in art and activism in major cities. In Summer 2013, I interned in Atlanta with Foreverfamily - a non-profit supporting children of incarcerated persons, while in 2014, I studied away through the New York Arts Program, and returned independently to work in New York as an artist assistant.

The past two years, I've rooted myself further in Kalamazoo, organizing literary and creative community and for local policy change. You can view some of my work with Humans Beyond Boxes, with Michigan United's Fair Chance for All teamI am always looking for new mentors, collaborators and opportunities. Feel free to reach out to me at akenn4 (at) gmail.com.



As I want to write something so true my hands shake when I say it, I make art I’m afraid to let occupy the same space my own body does. Although I’m no longer confined to using words, narrative sews most of the meanings in my work - whether they be object based, performance or interactive. Whether picking up, pulling out, or putting back, my audiences often interact with small and nostalgic forms that grant them greater emotional access to a subject.

Present throughout most of my work are attempts to render vulnerability through space and bodies. My work strives to make emotions tangible, and challenge emotional absence through physical or public interaction.